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Sarah Hayes

Sarah Hayes is Professor of Higher Education Policy in the Education Observatory at the University of Wolverhampton, UK. Previously Sarah worked at Aston University, where she led programmes in Education and Sociology and is now an Honorary Professor. Sarah has also taught at the University of Worcester, at international partner institutions, and has led a range of research projects. Sarah’s research spans sociology, education and policy, technological and social change and she has published in a variety of related journals. Her recent books include The Labour of Words in Higher Education: Is it Time to Reoccupy Policy? (2019) and Postdigital Positionality: Developing Powerful Inclusive Narratives for Learning, Teaching, Research and Policy in Higher Education (2021). Sarah is an Associate Editor for Postdigital Science and Education. Personal website:

Sarah Hayes

Symposium international sur la démocratie, la citoyenneté mondiale et l'éducation transformatrice

Dialogue & Émancipation

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