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Derek Ford

Derek R. Ford is associate professor of education studies at DePauw University and an instructor with The People’s Forum, where they research and teach about what educational theory can contribute to political struggles. They’ve written or edited 13 books, including Teaching the actuality of revolution: Aesthetics, unlearning, and the sensations of struggle (Iskra 2022) and Marxism, pedagogy, and the general intellect: Beyond the knowledge economy (Palgrave, 2021). In addition to serving as associate editor of Postdigital Science and Education and deputy editor of the Journal for Critical Education Policy Studies, Ford is the editor of Their popular work has appeared in outlets such as Black Agenda Report, Monthly Review, and Hampton Institute. They are also the cohost of the podcast series, “Reading Capital with comrades,” which takes readers through volume 1 of Marx’s magnum opus.

Derek	Ford

Symposium international sur la démocratie, la citoyenneté mondiale et l'éducation transformatrice

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