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Antonio Lopez

Antonio Lopez, Ph.D, is an expert curriculum designer, educator, trainer, and theorist with a research focus on bridging ecojustice and media literacy. He is a founding theorist and architect of ecomedia literacy and creator of the website, which curates teaching resources. He has written numerous academic articles, essays, and four books: Ecomedia Literacy: Integrating Ecology into Media Education; Greening Media Education: Bridging Media Literacy with Green Cultural Citizenship; The Media Ecosystem: What Ecology Can Teach Us About Responsible Media Practice; and Mediacology: A Multicultural Approach to Media Literacy in the 21st Century. He is lead editor of the forthcoming Routledge Handbook of Ecomedia Studies. Currently he is Associate Professor of Communications and Media Studies at John Cabot University in Rome, Italy. Resources and writing are available at:

Antonio  Lopez

International Symposium on Democracy, Global Citizenship and Transformative Education

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