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Dalene Swanson

Dalene Swanson is Professor of Education at the University of Nottingham. Her commitments are to glocal social, ecological and intersectional justice, and to anti-oppressive and democratic pedagogies and praxis. Her research contributes to critical global citizenship education and sustainability; critical mathematics education; indigeneity, especially Ubuntu as a Southern African onto-epistemology; and critical and post-critical artsbased methodologies and practices, especially critical rhizomatic narrative, a research methodology which she developed. Her research and praxis commit strongly to efforts to decolonize research methodologies and praxes, as well as oppressive social structures, discourses and practices. Dalene’s research and teaching addresses a range of intersectional violences, such as that of race, class, ability, and other social difference imaginaries, as well as contests colonialist and modernist structures and governmentalities. In this respect, she focuses on science and mathematics in socio-political, ecological and cultural context, but her life’s work - through research, teaching, and engagement with others - also strongly seeks to open up possibilities, through alternative ways of being and knowing, of more radically hopeful futures. Dalene has had the privilege of being able to live and work in Southern Africa, North America, the Middle East, and Europe, and feels honoured to have taught, learned, worked and engaged with some of the finest (young and old) people imaginable in all of these contexts. Her life’s work is therefore dedicated to all those with which she has had the privilege of engaging and the honour of being in ‘humble togetherness’ with, and to the possibilities of a better world.

Dalene	Swanson

Symposium international sur la démocratie, la citoyenneté mondiale et l'éducation transformatrice

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